About us

Von Kilvio Consulting is a Finnish tipping service founded year 2021. We produce profitable and professional sports betting recommendations for Ice Hockey for our clients. The service is provided by Tommi Kilvio, who has been analysing NHL for over 15 years. The focus has always been in Ice Hockey, especially in the NHL, where the high-stake punters can also bet our recommendations.

In the first year we went public, we made over 600 betting recommendations to NHL with a yield of 7.7%. These tips have come only to high-limit Pinnacle market.

Unlike many other services, our focus is set sharply to just in to the NHL. This makes us possible to analyse every match in-detail and collect advanced statistics compared to other NHL tipsters.

Season 2022 – 2023:

Number of bets:     316
Units placed:          1483.25 units
Units won:             1640.62 units
Profit:                     157.37 units
Yield:                     10.61 %

Tipping service period since 10/2021 (Pinnacle) ->

Number of bets:     935
Units placed:          4392.25 units
Units won:              4769.49 units
Profit:                     377.24 units
Yield:                      8.59 %

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