About us

VKC is a Finnish tipping service. We produce profitable and professional sports betting recommendations for our clients. The service is provided by  Tommi Kilvio, who has been analysing hockey for over 15 years. The focus has been in the ice hockey, where the middle to high-stake punters can also follow our recommendations.

Our strength as sports betting analysts is that our focus is set to just to ice hockey so we have high knowledge of each players and managers in these leagues. We have built this knowledge by following ice hockey for the past fiveteen years.

Tipping service since 10/2021

Number of bets:     
Units placed:         
Units won:             

Public tips at Ylikerroin.com from 2012

Number of bets:   141
Units placed:         375.30 units
Units won:             411.33 units
Profit:                     33.03 units
Yield:                      9,6%

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